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Scoop B: LeBron James, Donald Trump, Don Lemon & “I Promise’ School Debate

U.S. President Donald Trump and Los Angeles Lakers forward, LeBron James aren’t friends and it doesn’t look like a peace treaty will occur any time soon. I discussed the topic on MSNBC’s MSNBC Live with host, David Gura, RealClearPolitics’  Caitlin Huey-Burns and the Washington Post’s Eugene Scott. Last week, Trump ran to Twitter and tweeted:…

Check Out My Discussion On Journalism & Branding In Black Enterprise Magazine

Breaking stories, podcasts and relationships are all par for the course in being a great journalist. I represented myself and RESPECT Magazine last week in a sit down interview with Selena Hill and Black Enterprise Magazine. Check out Selena Hill’s Black Enterprise Interview With Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson In It’s Entirety By Clicking Here  Although…

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