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Darius Miles on LeBron James: “I’d never seen anybody who had an impact like how I had an impact until I saw him”

Darius Miles has been trending on the internet because of his article  in the Players Tribune. Miles told some stories about Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O’Neal and Quentin Richardson. But guess what? D-Miles told some more. Miles played with LeBron James, Carlos Boozer and Ricky Davis and the Cleveland Cavaliers about 15 years ago. We discussed…

Mo Cheeks’ ’04 fight with Darius Miles ‘shouldn’t have left locker room’, says D-Miles

In an era where “locker room talk” is “a thing,” apparently a decade ago a misunderstanding between Naismith Hall of Famer Mo Cheeks and Darius Miles during their tenure as player and coach with the Portland Trail Blazers. During the 2004–05 season, Miles and Cheeks got into a verbal altercation during a team film session.…

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